Do you dream of being part of a community of authentic women? Discover the magic of Women's Circles!

Women's Circles are leaderless, mutual support circles for women. They're a place to nourish our spirits and strengthen our hearts, a place to be seen, heard, challenged and accepted by other women as we share our joys, our sorrows and our dreams for a more fulfilled life. Women's Circles are based on the principal that each woman has the innate wisdom to find the answers she seeks.

The groups are usually 6-10 women and create a safe environment to speak about what is stirring within. They offer the opportunity to work through emotional issues by experiential processes in a supportive nurturing environment - "women healing women".

Where to Start?

Attend a Circle Training Workshop! The focus of this workshop is to provide experiences and tools for women to successfully create and participate openly and honestly within a Women's Circle and is based upon the philosophies of Woman Within, an organization dedicated to helping women know and embrace all parts of themselves. The exercises help women develop their communication and listening skills and explore topics essential to women reclaiming their power and voice.

For every woman who chooses empowerment...Life is Limitless.
An empowered Woman is fully alive!!!
Sheri Zuccato

At an Women's Circle Workshop, you will discover how to:
  • Be part of a safe, supportive and confidential circle of women
  • Identify patterns of personal behavior that block happiness
  • Resolve conflicts in ways that build trust and connection
  • Learn secrets to effective listening and communication
  • Empower others to find solutions to personal challenges
You'll be empowerment to:
  • Speak openly and honestly with confidence and grace
  • Examine and overcome road blocks and self-limiting beliefs
  • Achieve greater confidence in yourself and your abilities
  • Embrace and discover the power of your own vulnerability
  • Release judgment of yourself and others

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming workshops announcements will be posted in November, 2015.

Workshops are non-residential and are held on Saturday and Sunday, from 9AM -5PM.

Registration fees are $195 and are not refundable within 30 days of the event.

A portion of all proceeds go to scholarships for women who
attend Women Within Weekends.

Be Empowered!

Limited enrollment so register early to grab your spot!

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is for you IF you:

  • Want to feel more fulfilled, alive and empowered.
  • Are willing to take some risks and go outside your comfort zone to reap big rewards.
  • Want more authentic relationships with others.
  • Appreciate giving and receiving honest, constructive feedback.
  • Want to share your journey with other women on a similar path of personal growth and transformation.

What past attendees of the Woman Within Circle workshop say:

"This training took our Circle to a new level. Our Guide's training style was clear and effective, and she has a wonderful presence which engages. Her knowledge and experience about the process and the intent really show through - she has a gift of teaching." - Jodi Issacs


"I recently took the weekend workshop to learn more about E-Cricles. Wow! It really was an eye-opener! I have been in an E-circle for about a year now and, looking back, I realize how helpful it would've been if I'd taken this workshop when I first started being in an E-circle. I got much deeper insight into the purpose of clearings as well as other tools for handling conflict. I also really learned a lot about how to give more constructive feedback after someone has "done their work". The E-Circle manual is certainly helpful, but there's nothing like seeing live demonstrations or actually experiencing some of the processes under a leader's skilled guidance. Our Guides created a warm and supportive atmosphere while bringing distinct clarity on how to create a safe and effective E-Circle. She had the courageto reveal her own struggles. This helped me feel more confident in being vulnerable too. I highly recommend this workshop on E-Circles!"
- Juliette Goetz-Vesely


We were a group of engaged and empowered women who needed someone to help us develop the skills we needed to run a successful eCircle. Calling a Circle Guide was the best thing for us. We talked about dates and the weekend we had in Santa Cruz was amazing. Even if you think you know about how to run a women's group, this training helped to move forward. I highly recommend it. " - Lia B.

For more information, call JoAnna KLEIN Stanfield: 805.550.5316
or email her at: